We have now been distributing the highest quality vitamin C to every corner of Spain and Europe for eleven years. Eleven seasons in which our clients have fully trusted us and entrust us with the task of collecting, in a personalized way, our best oranges and mandarines for them. 

Valorange’s orange and mandarin season takes place between the months of October to April, although these dates may vary depending on the weather, among other factors. We wait long enough to collect our citrus fruits at the right moment of maturity of each variety, since we do not use chemical treatments post-harvest. Our citrus are 100% natural and top quality in terms of taste and properties.

Our oranges and mandarines belong to the different fields that we have in Loriguilla, Valencia.
A wide range of varieties are collected from the tree at its optimum ripeness. We collect them once we receive the order, and then, they are directly sent to the address you want. Directly "from the field to your table" with each one of the properties and characteristics of the authentic Valencian oranges, because we do not use any type of post-harvest treatment, and we don´t keep our products in cold chambers.

The value of Valorange, the best oranges in Valencia

Our main objective at Valorange is to be able to distribute the Valencian sun and one of the highest quality products of the Valencian Community to any part of Spain and Europe.

Our value proposition is to offer oranges and mandarines freshly picked from the tree without intermediaries, under the motto "From the tree to your table".

We aim to distribute such a Valencian product to families, companies or groups of people and associations that you do not find in the true flavor of Valencia oranges.

Such is our commitment to the very first quality of our products, that we give the possibility to make the payment of the order, once you have tried them and you are satisfied with the product and service.

Buy our Valencian oranges online, we guarantee you that it is the best option

From Valorange, we take the Valencian Sun to numerous homes inside and outside Spain. Either to families that place individual orders, pallets for companies, or custom orders. We fill boxes of 5 or 10 kg to the top with Vitamin C, trace elements and fiber.

In addition, it should be noted that the selection process is minimal because no orders are placed per caliber (unless specifically requested by the customer). We simply discard the product that is in poor condition. In addition, during the cleaning process, no preservation products or wax are applied..

Buying our oranges and tangerines online is quick and easy. We receive your order and we send it to you home directly, without any intermediaries. In addition, our national transport service is committed to delivering the true flavor of our Valencian oranges within 24 hours!

We are convinced that you will repeat after discovering the true flavor of the Valencian harvest, of its maximum freshness and quality!

We also distribute Vitamin C in


Our fields are in Loriguilla, very close to Valencia City. You can visit us and collect your own oranges.

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