Orange blossom
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Orange blossom

Citrus sinensis or Citrus aurantium is the scientific name that receives the white flower that fills our orange trees and aromatizes the fields when spring comes. The name it receives today, Azahar, comes from the Hispanic Arabic term azzahár, and this in turn, from the classical Arabic az-zahr.

The orange blossom is not only found in the orange tree but we can also find this beautiful flower growing in lemon and citrus.

We know that spring has reached Loriguilla (our hometown), when the scent of orange blossom floods the town and the fields become white mantles. It is a great joy for the whole team of Valorange to see the fields blooming as the oranges of the next harvest are beginning to grow inside each flower.

Despite the pleasant smell they give off and the beautiful image they form on the tree, we can only enjoy them for a short period of time, one month.

Not all orange blossom flowers that bloom on the orange tree will result in an orange or tangerine and this is essential, because if all the flowers produced a fruit the tree would not be able to support the weight or nourish all the oranges to grow sweet and full of juice. Thus, only 20% of the orange blossom flowers remain in the orange tree and the rest fall to the ground.

Unlike many other fruits, the orange blossom does not need to be pollinated by bees to develop orange since they can carry out parthenocarpy and develop the fruit without having been fertilized. After a month, the flower that has been left on the tree will lose its petals to reveal the ovule and future orange or tangerine.

The orange blossom is not only fantastic for being able to produce an orange, but also has many therapeutic properties and is widely used in cosmetics. Actually, all the flowers that fall to the ground are used to obtain perfumes, orange blossom essential oil, infusions (for their anxiolytic properties), pastry flavors, and facial toners or make-up removers.

Finally, we particularly like to take advantage of them by collecting the flowers that have fallen to the ground and let them dry for a few days in the sun. In this way, you can then introduce the dried flowers in cloth bags to hang them inside the closet or in the car, for example, to enjoy the magnificent aroma long after the flowers have given way to our best oranges and mandarines.

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