Mixed orders
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Mixed orders

Today, we want to highlight one of our star products season after season and they are, our mixed-product boxes.

When choosing the mixed box option, a box of 10 kilos of oranges and tangerines is received. It is the best way to get both fruits in the same package and without having to order 10 kilos of each product. In Valorange, we usually make these boxes by filling half of it with 5 kilos of oranges and the rest with another 5 kilos of tangerines. The end result is a Valorange box that satisfies all palates, both those who prefer a sweeter taste in a smaller fruit and those who like a sweet orange but with a more acidic touch.

However, the distribution by weight of each variety may change according to consumer preference. In this way, you can order a mixed box containing 8 kilos of tangerines and 2 of oranges or vice versa, or any other combination.

Depending on the time of the season in which the order of the box is made, the oranges and tangerines will be of one or another variety. Thus, it is also a very good option to try both products at different times of the season in order to taste all the varieties we offer.

Order now your personalized box, and try all our different products!

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