Our products reach directly the final consumer, without going through any kind of intermediaries, that is how we try to squeeze the true taste of our Valencian and natural oranges reach intact the national and European customer as soon as possible.

Valorange´s business activity takes place between the months of October to April, even though these start and end dates may vary depending on the weather (among other factors).

In addition, we wait enough to collect the products at the right time of maturity, not using post-harvest chemical treatments. We grow 100% natural and top quality citrus fruits in terms of taste and properties.

Such i sour commitment to the very first quality of the oranges and clementines, that we give the possibility to make the payment of the order, once the customer has tried them and is satisfied with the product and service.

Once the product is collected according to the orders placed, it is transported to the warehouse for its selection, cleaning, packaging, and product labelling.

It should be noted that the selection process is minimal since orders are not placed by calibre unless specifically issued by the customer; we simply dispose the products that are in bad condition.

Also, the cleaning process of the product simply consists of passing a cloth to remove the possible dirt. No preservation or wax is applied.