The idea of Naranjas Valorange´s proyect was born in 1999 when one of the Valero´s brothers had to move abroad and, missing “the taste of home”, his family started sending him oranges from the family´s harvests.

With time, these shippings became popular between friendships whom also were on the search of quality clementines and oranges and, in 2008, we created our web space and online shop.

Behind this web page, we are a family of agriculturists focused on offering our products directly to the consumer, firstly so that they can try the true taste of natural oranges at an affordable price.

Our value proposition is to offer oranges and clementines freshly collected from the tree directly to the final consumer, under the motto “from the tree to your table”. trying to bring this Valencian product to families, businesses or groups of people who are not able to find in other places the true taste of the valencian orange.

Our small business and harvests are located in Loriguilla (Valencia). A town that, in 1968, had to be relocated from the “Serranía” of Valencia to the “Llano de Quart” due to a dam construction. The Valero´s family, with the grandfather Porfirio in the front, changed slowly from the cereal fields and the small orchards on the Turia´s Riverside to the fruit and orange trees we grow.

From then the fields have been growing in number and varieties until reaching 6 hectares and the 7 different varieties of oranges and clementines that we grow at the moment.

Among our farmers, we highlight Antonio Valero Porter, founder and grandfather of this family harvests, as well as his three sons, especially Antonio, Agronomist.