Through we offer you the possibility to taste exquisite Valencian oranges, freshly picked just for you. We pick the oranges at precisely the right point of maturity without the need of any post-harvest chemical treatments so that they lose any of their flavor or properties. We are so sure of the quality of our oranges that you must only pay for them once you have tasted them and are satisfied. Moreover, you will receive the instructions for payment along with the shipment. This procedure eliminates any additional charges by intermediaries and allows for a price similar to market value, but with home delivery and a quality you won´t be able to find even in the best stores.

Our typical shipment consists of a box weighing around 10 kilograms that we service all across Spain, Portugal, France, Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands, and Italy. Check our pricelist.

In any case, we can also adapt to your needs and prepare a customized shipment, the price of which will depend on the amount you suggest and the place of delivery. What is more, we are open to other, more imaginative suggestions. So, if you would like to pick the oranges from the trees yourself, or make use of your own tree, from which you may order as needed, we can also study your case. 

Give it a try and discover the natural flavor of freshly picked oranges! 

You will be surprised, and we are sure you will come back for more. 


Our process can be summarized in the following four steps:

Shopping process

 With these four simple steps we make sure the oranges are picked from the tree precisely when they are ripe, that they are handled as little as possible, that they arrive fresh at your home, and that they are to your taste, because you will only pay once your order has been delivered and you are satisfied.

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