Ortanique. Caja 5 kilos
  • Ortanique. Caja 5 kilos
  • Ortanique. Caja 5 kilos

Ortanique Mandarine 5 Kg

5 kilo box of Ortanique Mandarine


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The Ortanique variety is a hybrid variety of mandarine and orange. Its name comes from the combination of the English words "orange" (OR), "tangerine" (TAN) and "unique" (IQUE): OR-TAN-IQUE.

This variety reaches its optimum degree of maturation in the tree from mid-February onwards (approximately).

The skin of the Ortanique is very thin and not very elastic, it is very attached to the pulp and gives off a large amount of essential oil. Therefore, it is recommended that we peel the Ortanique with a knife or that we use it for juice due to its large size and the amount of juice that we can get from a single piece of Ortanique.